Types of Videos We Create


Micro Documentary

Yep, Your story is told beautifully and uniquely. Micro Documentaries are just like they sound. If you could tell your story, with all the ups, downs, the successes, innovations, the in-between, what makes you unique and why your customers should buy from you and not joe schmo, we bet it would be one incredible journey, captivating your audience and revealing a side of the business that is often only privy to those who founded the company. 

Believe it or not, people LOVE to hear and see these stories. And, we just so happen to tell them beautifully. We know the ins and outs of how to best create these, leave it to us.

Customer Micro Documentary

This acts like a testimonial without feeling like a testimonial or sales pitch. Nobody really believes in those anyway. These customer-led journeys are perfect to tell your customer’s story first and how they found YOU and your business and eventually how your amazing business, solved their problem and enhanced their business or life.

Creative Ads

Sizzle Reel, Humour Based Ads, Envelope Pushing Scripts and Content? Hold on to your hat, it’s time to change the ad game and we have just the thing. 

Other Creative Works

Music Videos, Animated Explainers, Shorts, Branded Content, Sponsored Documentaries, High-End Events AR and VR …. We do it all. 

We’re ready to connect, are you?

We are professional, diverse and come from such amazing backgrounds that you can’t help but just want to get to know each of us more. 

For film works visit our sister company Cake By The Ocean Films and for Animation Work Visit our animation studios, Griffin Animation Studio.