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We are excited to be adding incredible people to the MyMM team! 

Our company is rapidly expanding and growing in the content production space and we are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and creative individuals to join our teams. 

MyMM Inc. A Content Production Studio is one of 4 companies in our creative group consisting of Griffin Animation Academy, Cake By The Ocean Films and Griffin Animation Studios. 

MyMM works in the creative commercial, advertisement and business story-telling space, developing compelling stories that make audiences want more. 

As we branch out further into other creative spaces, we are looking for a team that can support upcoming projects in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Immersive Media, Creative Video Production and more. 

While we are not a digital marketing agency, we do work closely with partner companies and on occasion bring clients in-house to ensure that the work we do will have the reach that it needs. 

If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to grow your career, experience and expand on your skillsets while being our go-to, we would love to hear from you. All positions are remote, flexible and allow you ‘to be your own boss’ without some of the challenges 🙂 

We are an equal opportunity company and encourage diversity. 

We are excited to hear from you,  

MyMM Inc. 

A Content Production Studio


Director Of Sales & Partnerships 

You are a people person, you thrive on the opportunity to call businesses and build relationships, you love to nurture clients from initial call to post-sale. You keep your clients close and want the best for them. You’re not a ‘Saul Goodman’ but you do make people feel comfortable and at ease. 

You know old-school guys like Zig Zigler and respect that you need to earn a client’s trust. You know how to source leads and understand the difference between pushing a sale and building a long-term relationship. We want the latter. 

Ok, so you know how to build that relationship, we’re also looking for someone who has a strong sense of business acumen, professional courtesy and knows a thing or two about video production, marketing, business, and advertising. It helps. Bonus points if you’re familiar with AR and VR too and can speak to that. 

We’re offering a premium commission package with a bonus structure and we do not expect you to come into an office and adjust your tie for meetings.  This is a remote position and can be done from anywhere in the world. You want to travel, or work from your cabin? So do we. 

Keen? Let’s talk. 

How to Apply

Please send a resume, along with a cover letter outlining your suitability and drive for the position, to: 

Augmented and Virtual Reality Developers and Producers – Senior and Junior Roles 

This is your universe and you know it inside out – well as much as you can given its infancy. You understand the Metaverse, NFTs, Crypto- this is your language, your lingo – you get the intricacies in developing Augmented and Virtual Reality Assets and can translate this into video and film and other experimental projects. You are patient, keen and excited to try new things (even though AR and VR are pretty new). 

You tell us what we need as we expand in this space. 

The AR/VR Developer is responsible for developing fun and intuitive AR experiences based on project and design requirements. We are seeking an enthusiastic, dedicated, and highly efficient individual who is passionate about development and working with a highly motivated team.

You have excellent English verbal and written communication skills and have excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills – all with keen attention to detail. You are collaborative and have experience working with other experienced and junior developers in a team to pinpoint and address issues during development and QA cycles. Candidates should also be eager to learn new technologies, and able to adapt to a highly agile development environment. You should be able to work independently and collaboratively both remotely and on-site if required and be keen to engage in client conversation and sales conversations to assist in project retention. 

  • Responsible for delivering solutions that push the limits of technology to unlock the business value of digital design, manufacturing and services. 
  • As an Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) Development expert, you will develop with production teams, video, assets, apps and web applications, for Augmented and Virtual Reality and contribute to the setup of pipelines, architecture and support of the AR/VR application landscape. As a developer in the AR/VR team, you ensure that our AR/VR tooling and 3D content pipelines are designed optimally across the different development environments. You will work on the ‘how’, whilst your team members design the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. 
  • Are a development expert with multiple years of experience in what’s and the ‘why’. 
  • Are a development expert with multiple years of experience in AR/VR programming
  • Have up-to-date knowledge of modern AR/VR approaches and related technologies, devices and solutions
  • Are able to describe the functionality (functional design) in a communicable way
  • Proactively look for technical level improvements and prepare these for evaluation by the AR/VR team
  •  Contribute to the AR/VR technical roadmap 
  • Create uniformity where possible, define dedicated solutions where necessary
  •  Actively seek collaboration between stakeholders


  • Experience with AR / VR in a video or filming capacity 
  • Experience with Augmented Reality (AR) on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Experience with designing and demonstrating UX using best practices
  • Has utilized UI to address AR shortcomings
  • Knowledgeable of C# .NET Standard
  • Experienced with using Quaternion math, Vector math, GPS, GCS Mapping
  • Experience with developing 2D and 3D games
  • Google Map API / other Map APIs
  • Experienced with the Unity Animation System and Unity’s Audio Mixer and Audio system
  • Has worked with Agile CI/CD tools such as GitHub, Azure, and Jira


Please send a resume, along with a cover letter and work samples outlining your suitability for the position, to: 

Junior to Mid-Level 3D FX Artists, Lighting and Rendering Artists

Griffin Animation Academy with MyMM Inc. is seeking Junior to Mid-Level 3D FX Artists, Lighting and Rendering Artists to work on student shots. 

These roles will add FX, lighting and rendering to completed student shots to add that final polish. These are project-based positions. 

Griffin Animation Academy is excited to work with talent from around the globe and is always happy to promote our team on our social media platforms, where we strongly believe our animation community is one of the most supportive. 

We encourage global applicants to apply.

How to Apply: 

Please send a resume, along with a cover letter and work samples outlining your suitability for the position, to: 

Visit our companies at: , , 

Videographer / Cinematographer

You own the point of view. You love being behind the camera, lighting and blocking a shot, collaborating with a producer and director and engaging with your team. 

You understand shot lists and scripts, can offer professional opinions to make things better and always come to set overly prepared. You have a knack for people and can take charge of a set, talent and subjects and own the day. 

We are looking for a Cinematographer who possesses an excellent way with people, can engage clients, talent and their team. We need people who are not too shy,  are comfortable giving direction both on set and in meetings. 

You are:

  • An excellent communicator
  • Reliable – you answer phone calls, emails and texts the same day and you show up on time
  • You understand the importance of the client relationship and ensure to strengthen this by being your awesome self on set
  • You collaborate well with your team and can work together with producers and writers to craft incredible content 
  • You know YOUR SUFF, technically and creatively 

Must Have’s 

  • Some business aptitude to understand the fundamentals of being a contractor 
  • Strong knowledge of Cinematography 
  • Must have your own gear (We have some too, but preference is given to those with gear, lighting etc) 
  • A strong portfolio of dynamic and creative filming 
  • Be flexible with travel throughout BC and the Territories 


  • Marketing and Advertising background or work experience
  • AR and VR knowledge 
  • Filming for FX and CG 

Please send a resume, along with a cover letter and work samples outlining your suitability for the position, to: